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Smart Balance + More was created to help small businesses understand their financials. It is not just about profit and loss and looking at the numbers. By looking at these reports, a small business should understand what the numbers are telling their business, as these numbers tell their financial story. These numbers can tell a small business whether they can expand, invest in something else to grow their business, or if it is time to pull back or come up with a strategy to help improve their business.

Numbers are not just numbers. They are the reason why a small business survives. It is so important to understand what the numbers are telling the business. This is where Smart Business + More comes in. We want to be able to help a small business record their revenues and expenses in the correct lines. This will help a business see how their revenues and expenses are affecting their business. Also, reviewing a statement of cash flows will help a business realize where it is going. The more fluid a small business is, the better the company will operate.

Helping a small business understand their financial position will help the owners make valuable decisions for their business’ future. Coming up with strategies and ways to save money and increase revenues is only part of what Smart Business + More can do to help. Smart Balance + More can also help in ways to make sure your books are in line and compliant, especially for filing your tax returns. Helping you get more on your return is another facet to what Smart Balance + More can do for your small business.

Smart Business + More also provides notary services. Sabrina Civils is a certified notary signing agent, which means she can provide notary services for titling companies. These services are also mobile, where she will come to your client.

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Owner of Smart Balance + More

Sabrina Civils

My name is Sabrina Civils, and I am the owner of Smart Balance + More. I have a wonderful family who I love dearly. My husband Gene and my two daughters, Raegan and Emerie, are overly excited about the new adventure that I am on. I have two dogs who keep us on our toes, Bella and Baxter.

The decision to start my own business came with a lot of prayer and support from family and friends, and I am proud of what has been accomplished so far. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in the Science of Accountancy. I am currently pursuing a CPA, where I can provide more services when that time comes.

My experience in the accounting field consists of small business, corporate and government accounting. With over 17 years of experience, I can provide you with information that may be valuable to your small business.

I am excited to share my knowledge with small businesses and helping them to succeed. I am also looking forward to learning about different businesses, getting to know business owners, and to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you can see how your business is exceeding expectations.

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